R a c h a e l D e e

my name is rachael.
i've always been better moving
than i am standing still.

It took me a long time to realize this:
We get to choose what defines us.
Sarah Addison Allen

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so lucky to be loved by someone who keeps me wild.

rach = my hero

I was just telling sara about this hike and really want to elaborate here. so this waterfall is on the back of an old privately owned property. it has been accessed by less than a dozen people in the last 50 years. it doesn’t have a name. the hike to it was not glamorous - three miles through the rainforest. it was torrentially pouring on and off, we were covered in mud. we crossed back and forth through the stream, used guava trees as leverage on mossy ridges, carried machetes to hack through the brush when we needed to. there was no trail, there was just a stream in the jungle that we followed up and up.

this picture looks picturesque and beautiful but the journey there was not - it was gritty and amazing and tough and surreal. and that is the best part.

running on the Big Island was so awesome. i got to run in Hilo and on the trails of the Kilauea Iki crater. in Hilo i ran down along the bayfront on warm, rainy mornings at 6am. the town was still pretty sleepy and it was so quiet and calm - the rain felt so nice. the Big Island is so very different from Oahu - it’s vastly less touristy, and there’s this homey, wild vibe that i fell in love with. i can’t wait to go back and it makes me even more excited to explore the other islands. it was cool to have my watch on and be able to log my runs - adding dots on my garmin map from running around the world is such a cool feeling. 

now i’m back on oahu and running my favourite lanikai loop, and i’m thinking of adventuring into Kailua tomorrow morning to mix it up. this summer of running has been the best yet.

king dancer in the Kilauea caldera.

hello friends! I am alive! I went off the grid for four days while hiking, bush-whacking, and exploring the Big Island of Hawaii - rainforest, waterfalls, the tallest mountain in the world, and as pictured above - Kilauea volcano! we crammed more adventure into those days than I thought possible and I will be posting photos when I can! it was honestly surreal and I had the time of my life.

so lucky to be loved by someone who keeps me wild.

I am so grateful for this crazy and wonderful life and I can’t tell you how happy I am to be living this one.

left my heart on the left mokulua



so much peace here.


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makapu’u tidepools are where my heart was at today

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this is a bowl of locally grown pineapple, papaya, and latundan bananas with Oahu-made granola and I am in heaven right now I can’t deal

there are a lot of stunning views on Oahu but the mokuluas are my favourite. we paddle kayaks out to the left one and snorkel/jump off cliffs there, and I had my most epic sea turtle encounter right in between the two islands.