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my name is rachael.
i've always been better moving
than i am standing still.

It took me a long time to realize this:
We get to choose what defines us.
Sarah Addison Allen

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sweet Hawaiian papaya, freshly picked

sweet Hawaiian papaya, freshly picked

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thursday, july 10th 2014 in photos!

you guys have been reminding me about 10on10 more this month than ever before, so i really hope it’s not too disappointing! it might be the longest day of 2014 for me, since i was awake for a full 24 hours. got up at 4:00, got to the airport at 6, flight left at 7:30, and by the time i arrived in honolulu it was 4:30am halifax time. 

  1. the first photo i took was my reaction to the end of the 5 hour flight from halifax to edmonton. my flight was filled with screaming toddlers and they did. not. stop. it got to the point that it was almost comical, except for the whole wanting to leap out of the plane for 5 straight hours. the flight attendants handed out ear plugs. shit got that real. 
  2. the beautiful canola fields landing in edmonton, alberta! the landscape looked like a patchwork quilt.
  3. my airplane necessities. constant h2o and my ipad for books and repeat viewings of my only three movies on it: Wall-E, How to Train Your Dragon, and the Lego Movie. (am i the most mature 24 year old you know?)
  4. flying over beautiful british columbia was so magical. mountains are one thing you don’t find on the east coast and they always amaze me.
  5. hayyyy vancouver how ya doing i feel so super cute i’ve been on a plane for 8 straight hours and haven’t eaten in that long either
  6. reward/consciousness booster for making it through customs and to my gate
  7. there was a cute little birdy fluttering around inside the airport, so sweet!
  8. what’s in my carry-on! (could you tell i was bored during my 7 hour layover in van city?) water bottle, sunglasses, regular glasses, lip balm, eye cream and drops (my eyes get sooo dry on long haul flights), ipad and case, passport, and the cosmetics pouch for all the small things. i also brought my manduka backpack, and had my laptop and chargers in there.
  9. after a six hour long haul flight from Vancouver, i finally arrived in paradise and i was greeted with so much love and a plumeria blossom and orchid lei - my two favourite flowers. i wish i could adequately explain how soft and delicate the scent of these blossoms is. i’ve been met with them each time i arrive at the airport and they smell like this island love and adventures to come.
  10. and to make my arrival even sweeter, i was given a surprise gift along with my lei - a tiny plumeria blossom, made by an artisan on Maui. it’s so delicate and beautiful - if only it smelled as sweet as the real thing! 

i was able to sleep through the night and can’t wait to go for a longboard paddle this morning and surfing this afternoon. hope this 10on10 wasn’t too boring! 

aloha from hawaii :) 

it is both incredibly satisfying and saddening to watch birkenstocks come back into style with such a vengeance

because on the one hand i’m over here like oh hey yep started wearing these in early 2002 and never really stopped, and yes thank you i do remember when you gave me crap in 2007 for my “grandpa shoes” so i’m real glad you love them now har har har aren’t you trendy

and on the other hand i’m like oh my god i’ve literally watched a trend go completely and then come back and i sound like my mom talking about the sequins she used to wear to discotheques as i gaze at another generation from my rocking chair ”oh i used to wear those sandals when i was a  jr high tween after track meets” 

what a time to be alive

"True confidence has no room for envy and resentment. When you know you are great, you have no reason to hate."

(This article is honestly one of the most accurate things I’ve ever read and knowing I can relate to every point makes me feel incredibly proud of myself.)



golden hour yoga > all other yoga

opinion on the unlimited fruit diet?

alright i’m actually gonna answer this one because i’ve gotten it a few times and this is something that grinds my gears, as a highly logical person. so strap in.

our bodies are physical entities. as such, they obey the laws of physics, and in particular the laws of thermodynamics. this is why we are predictable. metabolism is as predictable as the free fall speed of gravity, which is why those seemingly arbitrary calculators you plug your height/weight/age into come very close to accurately pinpointing your body’s energy use. it’s the same reason i can use the laws of motion to predict a car’s velocity.

because these aren’t debatable aspects of our physiology or physical universe. they’re facts. okay so moving on from that basis:

the premise of the “unlimited calories from fruit and you won’t gain weight” is inherently false, because a unit of energy is a unit of energy. i don’t care if you’re eating bricks, or leaves, or fruit, or gnawing on wood all day. i don’t care if it’s carbs, or fats, or protein. if your body is successfully digesting and converting it to energy, and you’re taking in more energy than you’re using, you gain weight. 

okay so, then how come some people claim anecdotally that unlimited fruit won’t make you gain weight? well, fruit it is mostly water. it is high volume and low cal. so it is feasible that the diet could seem “unlimited” (keyword being SEEM) in the sense that there is literally only so much fruit that one human can physically fit into their stomach in a day for digestion, and it is possible that the total calorie intake of that maximum quantity is equal to or less than what they burn in a day. in this case they would maintain or lose weight. but it’s also very feasible (and very likely) that it could be more than what they’re burning in a day, in which case without adequate exercise to compensate for the excess, they will gain weight. fact.

do i have a problem with people who only eat fruit? nope nope. whatever floats your boat. i will juggle oranges with you, friend. but i do have a problem with people who say they eat only fruit and ignorantly claim that in doing so they somehow sidestep the laws of physics. 

*gets off soap box*

"But it’s so fun to get back in shape. The progress is so tangible, and week by week you can feel the improvement. Celebrate the longest run of X months, the fastest mile, the healthiest day, etc. Some days will inevitably be better or worse than others, and you have to do all the little things with even more of an emphasis. Enjoy that a slow run is still a run, and a step, no matter how small, is still moving you towards the eventual goal."
Kyle Merber (via lifeofclur)
Reminder that Thursday is the 10th (almost 10on10 time!!) :)

thanks! I’ll be flying Halifax-Honolulu on Thursday (17 hours total) so I’ll likely post the photos the day after. :) lots of airport hangs and adventures haha

ha ha ha we are in hour 30 of no power

made the morning coffee run and joined the insane amount of people at Tim’s

can’t complain though today is 500% better than yesterday, I have coffee already and it’s gorgeous out

what a weird weekend

Hey Rachael, I've just done my first big race, and I'm so proud of myself. However, now I feel a bit blue, as I can't find any suitable new events and feel aimless and restless. Any advice?

now you get to relax and run stress free! even without a specific race in mind you can challenge yourself without any pressure. set little goals based on your own performance and even if progress is slow, each time you get out and run at all it’s a success no matter what. plus the goals you set are all your own - you get to be your own motivator and reap the benefits of your dedication, knowing you pushed yourself.