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my name is rachael.
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There is only one page left to write on. I will fill it with words of only one syllable:
I love. I have loved. I will love.
The Time Traveler's Wife

It took me a long time to realize this:
We get to choose what defines us.
Sarah Addison Allen

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dangit, i just responded privately by accident to someone who wanted the overeating anon to message them.

so if that was you, respond here! and anon, check the notes!

Hi rachael! I admire everything about you! Lately, I've been in a terrible place. I keep thinking about food and get such terrible cravings & end up overeating a lot. I've gained 35 pounds & I if i gain 5 more i will be borderline diabetic. I dont know how to stop. I feel like i have no control over food. I then decide to restrict everything & then everything gets worse. When i don't restrict, i just overeat aswell & cant seem to find a balance in life with anything. Any advice? thank you <333

I’m really sorry but I don’t have any experience whatsoever with disordered eating, bingeing, or restricting so I’m really not qualified to give any kind of advice on these matters. I think if you can recognize that something is off or out of your control you should tell someone you trust and perhaps seek the appropriate healthcare professional, because that’s definitely what I would do in this situation.

Hi Rachel! Before i ask my question, i'd just like to say i adore you! Your outfits, your running, your yoga, your beliefs! :) You're so wonderful. Anyway, i was just wondering how you keep your hands from slipping on your mat when in poses like downward dog? My hands always sweat and they end up slipping:(

hey! aw, thank you. so kind! my hands don’t usually slip on my Manduka Pro mat. if they’re quite sweaty and clammy they do, but my hands rarely sweat. i’m not a very sweaty person at all unless i’m doing strenuous activity like running and even then not very much, only if i’m in a hot environment, like outside in the summer.

if you find your hands slip quite a bit, you can try laying a towel down! a regular bath towel can help or they make yoga towels designed to get sticky as your hands get sweaty. i have a manduka eQua towel and if i want a really grippy surface i’ll lay it down and sprinkle drops of water on the spots i want to be sticky (like where your hands and feet go in downward facing dog) and that makes it SUPER grippy. i like to do this if i’m practicing plank poses, such as partridge or side plank variations where i really need my feet and hands to stick.

Do you have any tips for beginner yogis ? I feel so overwhelmed seeing all these crazy poses and people resembling pretzels that I have no idea where to begin.

this question and also:

"Hi! I really want to start doing yoga but I don’t know where to begin. Id prefer doing it in my home too rather than joining a class. Do you have any suggestions on where to begin? Thanks love!”


"When you started yoga, where/how did you learn? Are there any youtubers or anything you watched? I suck at following drawings or written out instructions but videos do help. I tried tara stiles but i’m really weak and my core shakes so bad whenever i try to do her videos”


"Is there a way to start yoga idk it sounds weird how do you start d you just practice the same moves everyday?? also does yoga help to strengthen your core and build abs? thank you x!”

to all: please read my FAQ.  (you know how when you clicked on “ask” and the box says “please read my FAQ” at the top? maybe start there?)

also - if you ask a question on anon that can be answered by reading my FAQ, i am now deleting them immediately. so if you don’t see a response from me, read there. if you ask me a question that is personal or could be answered with “none of your business”, you can also assume i’ve deleted it. 

I love looking at your blog and little bits of your life for inspiration! You're like my girl crush- beautiful, smart, sweet and kick ass at yoga! How do you manage to fit things in your days? With yoga, running and school work? I'm going to uni after summer and I'm getting a bit anxious that my excerise, yoga, job and social life will not all be able to continue when I start school again! Any tips for time management? Thanks for having this tumblr and being an all around awesome person! X

hey! thank you for the kind words! i really appreciate it.

time management is tough sometimes but definitely possible! i’m the type to work well with lists, so most days i will make a list of things that i want to get accomplished that day, things that are mandatory. these are usually academic, and i try to make the list manageable so it’s not too daunting. then i kind of intersperse my day with my elective activities based on my time and how the day is going, and based on their priority. so since my half marathon is coming up, my running takes precedent as an elective in my day. if i’m productive and know i can take an hour to go for my run, i’ll do that. and then if i have enough time, i’ll fit in some yoga too. this morning i made yoga a priority because it had gone on the back burner for the last 3 days and also because today is a rest day for running. 

i’m lucky in that my academic work is all independent at this point (finishing up my thesis) so i can schedule my day however i like. when you have a more fixed schedule, i find it easier to really schedule out my day rather than play it by ear. if you schedule a workout or a social activity into your day ahead of time, you can plan for it accordingly and not worry that you’re “wasting” time.

hope that helps! 

#aprilintentions day 15

king cobra pose hosted by bendyrae!

i’ve been able to do this pose since i was about 4 years old. i remember it always being something i would use to show off - “i’ll bet you this granola bar i can touch my feet to the back of my head!” (yeah, grade school Rach was always after the granola bars) and even when i didn’t work out or stretch i’ve always been able to do it. it always makes me think of that episode of Friends:

Monica: I wonder what age it is that people stop being able to touch their feet to the back of their heads.

Phoebe: Oh, I can still do that.

Monica: How are you still single?! 


what do you think about boy who do yoga?

hah i think everyone can do yoga and enjoy it! gender doesn’t matter a bit. 

does yoga help tone up your legs i hope this doesnt sound strange your legs are perfect!

hah thank you!! i definitely think yoga can help tone your legs - holding deep lunges and planks work your quads and calves a lot! also stretching can help keep your muscles long and strong. 

You are very intensely beautiful.

thank you, anon. this is terribly kind of you to say.

I love the answer to your last ask, it is beautiful! I was wondering if you might have any tips for others trying to love themselves. I know loving yourself can significantly improve your life and happiness but it seems like such a daunting process. I would love to hear your take on it! Thanks Xx

i think one great way to work toward loving yourself is to learn to be content with yourself. spend time with yourself. yoga helped me with that because it brought me a lot of peace to just get into the mindset of slowly stretching out each muscle, appreciating them all, and reaping the benefits of that. feeling more limber and healthier. it forced me to spend time with myself and really enjoy myself and my body and everything it can do.

spending time with yourself also helps you get to know yourself. find out what it is you really like - things you like to do, things you like about yourself, things you wish you could improve. are you an introvert, extrovert, ambivert? put yourself in social situations or create social situations that make you feel good about yourself. take out unnecessary pressures and just do what you like. start doing whatever you want and stop caring about how others perceive you because it literally matters 0. if you’re doing your thing and you are happy with yourself and the way you are living, the opinions of others do not matter whatsoever. similarly, if you are living in a way that is true to who you are and what you value, i believe that you will find like-minded people who will be positive forces in your life. it may take awhile, and you may have to be alone for awhile, but that’s okay because you’re content with yourself and you will know goodness when it comes around.

hope that helps and/or made any sense!

#aprilintentions day 14

camel pose hosted by nivueniconnue

today’s intention is to enjoy being home. it’s pouring rain outside and i am going to be productive with my thesis and eat delicious food all day. 

#aprilintentions day 13

mermaid pose hosted by donutyogi ! 

playing catchup here today! haven’t had a chance to take photos the last few days. this pose always feels so good - i love the quad stretch and this pose is part of my regular morning flow. 

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huge dragonfruit for breakfast this morning. so fresh and delicious.

In what ways do you think that you've grown since you were 21? Are you happy with the way that things have turned out? Did you ever think you would be at where you are right now?

hi! yes, i’ve grown a lot since i was 21. this past year of my life (starting around this time last year) was a huge period of change and self-discovery for me and i grew up a lot in just about every aspect of my life (academic, personal, familial etc.). a lot of it was self reflection and acknowledging the parts of myself i could work on and the parts of myself i needed to accept. the parts of myself i wanted to embrace and the parts i needed to let go of in order to move forward. i know it sounds cliche, the whole “loving yourself is a revolution” thing, but it really was true for me and loving myself was a game changer. it all stemmed from that. when i started loving myself i was able to stop looking for validation from others and just focus on being a positive force in their lives because i didn’t need anything from them. i’m okay doing my own thing and i am completely content with myself. loving myself helped me love better and made my relationships so much stronger. it also allowed me to guiltlessly make decisions based off what i want and need without worrying about the opinions of others, which is incredibly liberating. loving myself helped me feel grateful. being grateful for things (including myself) causes a chain reaction that makes you see more things to be grateful for. 

i am incredibly happy with how things have turned out. i am exactly where i would have hoped to be at this point in my life. in fact, i’m even better off than i would have ever hoped to be at 21 because at that point i couldn’t foresee the deep friendships i would forge in the last 3 years. i have made, valued, and maintained better friendships in the last 2 years than i ever had in the first 22 years of my life and the people i am lucky enough to be close to honestly floor me every day. i never thought i’d ever be the girl to have best friends. i never was that girl growing up. whenever i had girl friends, i had that feeling of “would they really notice if i wasn’t here? if we weren’t friends?” and i thought i was destined to be in those kinds of friendships forever. but i have people who support me and care about me and i never take that for granted because i never expected to have it. 

in terms of academics, i knew going into my undergraduate degree that i would pursue graduate work. it was around when i was 21 that i discovered the field of speech pathology and knew i had found my calling. i had hoped to have started my graduate work 2 years ago when i first applied, but i knew going into it that i was attempting to get into one of the single most competitive graduate programs in the country so despite it taking a bit longer, i know it was worth the effort. i knew i didn’t want to stop being a student, (i knew if i got out of the student mindset i’d never want to go back and i’d regret it) so i got a master’s in research that i hadn’t anticipated pursuing, and i am SO glad it worked out this way. i love research and i know i’ll be a better clinician for it. and hey, now i’ll have 2 master’s degrees by the time i’m 26, instead of one. not too shabby. 

so yes, very happy. i’m (nearly) 24, about to start my second master’s degree in a city near my family, and i am incredibly well-loved. i also love well. and i run half marathons. so, so happy.

RACHAEL YOU ARE MY INSPIRATION! <3. Beauty, brains and overall a wonderful human being. I tried out yoga for the first time today. I have never felt so light in my life. Thank you for motivating me! I also tried to run. I only lasted for 3 mins but i got out of my comfort zone, and tried anyway. For the first time in ages, I found hope again. I now believe the world is a beautiful place and full of new discoveries and adventures. Thank you. I hope to be like you one day! I'm only 15 ;D


my phone only gave me the first line of this message in my ask (the all caps part) and I didn’t see the rest until I responded, haha. all of this makes me so happy and thank you so much for thinking so highly of me. keep on keepin on :)