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my name is rachael.
It took me a long time to realize this:
We get to choose what defines us.
Sarah Addison Allen

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the coziest of afternoons spent studying.

rachael what is your favourite coffee and teas? i feel like you have good culinary tastes for whatever reason haha! also it really is great the energy you omit even through a computer, you're my age by you inspire me so much

hmm! i am very snobby about my coffee and generally only get “good” coffee - usually dark roast from a local roastery, and i make it pour-over style every morning. i like to switch up the brand or the style whenever i get new coffee - i buy about 500g at a time which usually lasts me about 2-3 weeks.

for tea i have a big box of teas i’ve accumulated and choose from - many are from David’s tea (loose leaf), some Numi, some Celestial Seasonings. In the winter I drink more herbal teas in the evening and I really love the Bengal Spice tea from Celestial Seasonings - it’s a naturally sweet but very spicy herbal chai. I love having it on cold evenings with a little almond milk! 

you must get sick of hearing this but i just have to tell you how much I love your style. you pull it off effortlessly, even hair that long, I don't know how you do it! I just wanted to tell you how great I think you are and how much your style inspires me!!!

:’) :’) i honestly never get sick of hearing this. thank you so much! it’s funny because i’ve gotten it a lot more in real life as well in the last year or so (i always get awkward and have no idea how to respond) and i don’t think i’ve changed how i dress. i think that i am just incredibly comfortable with myself and i feel like that translates? anyways, it’s cool. 

thanks again for messaging me :)



my hair was being inordinately cooperative today so here are some golden hour pictures of my face

my whole family is here and we’re playing washer toss and I’m drinking beer from my favourite craft brewery and this is my most favourite outfit and it’s the most gorgeous day and I miss my man.

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happy thanksgiving from this canadian lady! I have so much to be thankful for on this gorgeous day and gratitude truly is something to be celebrated. gratitude can change your life. much love to you all!



your adventure is loading…

ooh! i love when i show up on my own dash :) 

"Sometimes I remind myself that I almost skipped the party, that I almost went to a different college, that the whim of a minute could have changed everything and everyone. Our lives, so settled, so specific, are built on happenstance."
Anna Quindlen, Every Last One  (via tiredestprincess)

feeling pretty cozy before work :) I’m on til 4 and then going home for two nights! I can’t wait. it’s a gorgeous day and my coffee is delicious and I’m about to have a facetime coffee date with my love, our Sunday morning ritual. happy thanksgiving out there to my fellow maple leaves!

backing up my external hard drive always makes me stumble upon these self portraits I took in 2011 while bored - my first time playing around with a dslr remote. I feel like I got myself in an oddly magical way and I’ve literally never taken any since.



answer the call of that which enlivens you. 

One day

aw i haven’t seen these ones in awhile! :) 

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4/10 on 10/10

yesterday i had two 3-hour classes followed by a tutorial until 5:30 (meaning i was in class 9-5:30) so i only got 4 out of 10 photos, but thought you guys might wanna see ‘em anyways! pretty representative of life these days. i have 3 exams next week and 2 the week after, but then it’s smooth sailing until december. powering through until then.

  1. i am absolutely in love with this sweater and flannel. my most favourite pieces of clothing right now.
  2. at lunch my friend and i went down to the waterfront and stopped for an americano at the wired monk.
  3. forever not getting over being able to see the ocean so easily
  4. walking past the public gardens - the sign is so cute! 
since finding your blog i've discovered the store you work at and i absolutely love it! it seems like such a classic canadian style and that's how i would always describe your style as well. your blog is so positive and happy and it always makes me smile. thanks for being you :)

ah you are so sweet! thank you. and i’m so glad you love roots too! :) 

they also have a tumblr!



the beaut inpursuitofbrunch inspired me to write up a list of october goals because it sounds like fun. so here goes! 

  1. get my handstanding prowess back - handstands daily again
  2. run 3x per week minimum (down from september’s 4x because so many exams/assignments)  so far so good! 
  3. run with someone (i have a running buddy! we’ve run a few times so far.)
  4. bake 3 different pumpkin-infused things (so far have made pumpkin spice oatmeal and cookies!)
  5. spend at least 2 saturdays with my parents, homework free (i get to go home sunday afternoon to spend monday and most of tuesday with them!)
  6. go to intramural ultimate frisbee every week (so far so good!)
  7. improve my sales at Roots (this one is going well! i’ve sold some leather, a few watches, and helped a lot of people. i really like my job!)
  8. send a care package 
  9. have a potluck at my place (this might be happening tonight!)
  10. cook at least 3 meals with someone else (has not happened yet. dang.)
  11. do my dishes more promptly (eh…we’re getting there.)
  12. go home for a weekend (sunday!!)
  13. remove cups/mugs from my room every evening (not happening at all haha failing miserably. mug hoarder forever.)
  14. drink one tumbler of water in the morning and one in the evening (been pretty good about this one so far!)
  15. try new varieties of craft beer from both garrison and propellor breweries
  16. find one other new brewery in halifax and take friends there (i’m too stressed to drink beer but after the 23rd i will drink allllll the beer haha)
  17. keep my desk in my room more organized 
  18. study at the library at least twice per workweek - things seem to stick better in there (this one is way too easy i live in the library)
  19. flip through my flashcards for each class once daily minimum (also very easy i always have flashcards in my hands)
  20. be better at reaching out to my long distance friends and being more present for them
  21. make sure i have at least one day per week where school is not at the forefront of my mind (failing at this one too haha so stressed all the time)

i’ll reblog this a couple times and update it with progress as the month goes on :)