R a c h a e l D e e

my name is rachael.
i've always been better moving
than i am standing still.

It took me a long time to realize this:
We get to choose what defines us.
Sarah Addison Allen

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the photographer at yoga fest posted his photos and got a few of me! :) 

"Your real first love will make you realize that your first love wasn’t really your first love."
(via azzie)

just realized I didn’t post a photo from yesterday! yoga festival henna :)

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dinner tonight! i made up this recipe just now and it’s so yummy!

red lentils, quinoa, sweet potato, red onion, tomatoes, chopped kale, lots of fresh ginger, and coconut milk! plus spices like basil, paprika, bay leaves, marjoram, and coriander. combine everything + water in a large soup pot, bring to a boil and simmer for 35 minutes.


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i had SO much fun at the yoga festival today! i attended two awesome classes with fantastic instructors, got a henna tattoo, took a hula hooping workshop, and got to try some really yummy food. it was such a beautiful day, with a light breeze and blue skies with cloudy periods. 

the most exciting part was during the second class - the teacher had us in standing forward fold and wanted us to lean all of our weight into our hands and come up onto our toes. one of the assistants who were doing adjustments came over to me and put her index fingers into my hip creases and said up up up up and i lifted with all my might and did my very first successful press up into handstand! i went through tuck position and then fully extended and held it unassisted and everyone was so excited and congratulating me, haha. it was so much fun and i definitely want to keep working on it and improving my arm and core strength.

it was the loveliest sunday! so thankful that lululemon hosts/puts on events like these. now i am sooo exhausted haha. making dinner and doing readings because i haven’t done any schoolwork all day, oops. 

terribly pleased with this cafe situation. all alone on a patio overlooking a beautiful street with the blackest, darkest coffee I’ve had in a good long while.

what’s in my backpack!

i got asked to do a post like this so here it is! my backpack is the sydney mid-volume pack from hershel supply co. 

  • macbook pro with retina display - i take this to school with me every day and i use this sleeve from Built - it fits inside the laptop pocket already in the backpack and i just leave the zipper open, so i can access it really easily. it’s so light that i forget it’s in there!
  • roots wallet in tribe leather
  • nova scotia fisherman lipbalm
  • i usually have at least one class notebook, and sometimes a textbook if i’m going to read at a cafe or park.
  • five star agenda 
  • seven year fox pen - my favourite pen! been using this nonstop.
  • fossil pencil case - my boyfriend gave me this and it fits so much! in here are pens, pencils, 3 packets of tea, some oral-B brushups, my headphones, a travel size nivea hand cream, and a mini tube of advil + tylenol.
  • a packet of flashcards - always haha
  • usually a light sweater since our classroom is soooo cooold.

it looks like a small pack but it fits a lot! and it’s really comfortable and i don’t feel like it’s overwhelming to my frame. the front pocket zippers and also has that nice flap over it, and i love the side pocket (second photo) that perfectly fits my phone! 

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results of aforementioned dancing around room. spending the afternoon at a cafe with my neuroanatomy notes ✌️happy Saturday!

getting dressed while dancing around my room to the new maroon 5 album

there has not been a maroon 5 album that i haven’t completely adored in the now 12 years i’ve been obsessed with them

high five if you’ve been loving adam levine’s falsetto since 2002 and songs about jane 

12/10 would recommend V

(in particular: sugar, leaving california, my heart is open A+++)

  • i’ve been doing yoga every night since moving to halifax and am finally feeling like i’m gaining my flexibility back — i did yoga occasionally in the summer but nowhere near the deep daily practice i was doing in the spring, so it’s nice to get that ~bendiness~ back and my body feels so so good
  • almost through my first full week of classes! 3 hour classes are long, and i have two days when they’re back to back. but running in the evening makes my legs feel so much better after that much sitting
  • the park i run through is absolutely breathtakingly beautiful and yesterday i ran at low tide and it just smelled so strongly of the sea. at one point i stopped and climbed down over the trail and rock hopped along the harbour just to breathe it in.
  • tonight i made overnight oatmeal to have in the morning and as soon as i put it in the fridge i started daydreaming about what i would do with all the extra time hahah. it’s probably all of 8 minutes but i am going to drink my coffee at a normal human pace.
  • i am really warming up to some people in my class and making new friends is so weird and fun because you have this completely fresh start with them and they don’t know you at all and i think i’m so used to making new internet friends where we know each other’s lives before we become friends hahah
  • biking in halifax is hard because unlike montreal there’s no bike lanes so i’m getting into the mindset of driving my bike like i would a car (i.e. being out in traffic) and also remembering that you’re allowed to turn right on red here is imperative to me not dying
  • i leaned on people today and they were uplifting and incredible, as always.
  • on sunday i’m going to a yoga festival that’s put on by lululemon in a park on the waterfront! it’s an all day thing with workshops (including one for making flower crowns?!?) and i hope it’s nice weather because i am sooooo excited for it
  • i am way too freaking excited for the new mac OS Yosemite to come out because i adore my macbook pro and it’s going to make it like a whole new computer and yes yes yes. 
  • overall things are so good and i keep remembering how this time last year i was holing myself up in coffee shops writing drafts of statements of intent for this program and lurking admissions forums and just feel so peaceful that it’s all behind me and i’m really in (i think i’ve said this 846 times but i’m not over it still so bear with me)
  • it is possible to be very far away from someone and still feel closer to them than ever, ever before and i am really, really in love with that feeling
  • i have not forgotten about my whats in my backpack post, i took photos outside but the light was really harsh and they didn’t turn out so i’m gonna try again - it’s coming!
  • tgi-almost-friday! 


A message to everyone who’s ever sent me anon love

the next time you get a snack out of a vending machine I hope the thingy  goes for too long and you get TWO instead

I'm having a bit of a meltdown and you're somebody that has talked about plus you have such grace and peace when approaching life. My skin is horrible! I'm 22 and still dealing with frequent, multiple breakouts - all around my chin and sides of my mouth. It is the most discouraging thing. I have the Mia and use it every morning and night. How do I go about seeing if I need to change face washes? Or my day/night lotion? Or my diet. I hate my anyone (especially my bf) seeing me like this. Help

i’m sorry you’re going through this :(  it seems like you’ve got a lot going on. i can tell you that cutting out refined sugar and processed foods will give you better skin (because it definitely will) but if you don’t want to make that huge lifestyle change there’s not really much else i can advocate, unfortunately.

from my own experience, there is no product out there that can fix your skin (if you’re not suffering from a medically diagnosable problem). no face wash or lotion or even the clarisonic. eating nutrient-dense food and drinking water will make your body healthier and your skin is an organ that will reflect that. when your whole body is healthy, you can choose skincare that nourishes your skin from the outside to help protect it from the elements, but the real fix has to come from the inside. it won’t happen overnight, but if you make a change for the better you will see results. 

"When you’re hurting in the middle of a workout or race, it’s easy to hold back or let yourself off the hook from running faster. But regret is the worst feeling to me. You want to challenge yourself. The more you get out of yourself, you start wondering, Maybe I could get even more. It’s fun to see what you can get your body to do."
Kara Goucher (via runningxctf)
Hey, is your Garmin forerunner the 10 or the 15 make? :)

15! the teal colour only comes in the 15 model, which is why I chose it haha

Those pants in your latest whatiwore are the bomb! Where'd you get them?

they’re from American eagle!