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my name is rachael.
It took me a long time to realize this:
We get to choose what defines us.
Sarah Addison Allen

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Hey Rachael, all this university talk has made me realized you must be older than I thought you were! You are so young and beautiful looking and so accomplished, if you don't mind me asking, how old are you? Have a great day and happy thanksgiving!!

I’m 24! it’s in my about me page if you look at my blog off mobile :)

Would you ever go back to psychology and do further studies? I also have a bachelors in psychology and am now completing masters in occupational therapy (that will licence me to practice). Psychology is such an interesting field and can lead to so many things!! Congratulations on your masters thesis and all the best for your current program xox

no, i wouldn’t, i found how i want to apply my psych training - speech pathology is a field very heavily rooted in psychology and the parts of my psych degree that i enjoyed the most were the ones that applied to speech path (hence how i found and decided to pursue this career). classes like psychology of language, psychology of bilingualism, developmental psychopathology, perception, and research methods (as well as many more) are classes i draw on now and i know i will in the future as a clinician. 

thank you! good luck with your OT! :)

still feeling so very jazzed about yesterday and also putting a flannel under this sweater might be the coziest thing I’ve ever done

Wow! You are amazing! If you don't mind me asking, what did you complete your undergrad in? Did you have a specific reason for travelling out of province? (sorry I'm new here, but see lots of posts about Montreal so I'm assuming you moved away to go to school there, correct me if I am wrong).

ah thank you! i did an undergraduate degree with a major in psychology and minors in music (classical piano) and behavioural sciences. i moved out of province for McGill university! it’s one of the most well known universities in Canada (especially in research) and i enjoyed my six years studying there so much. 

hi rach! if you don't mind me asking, what is your masters thesis about and what have you done so far? when you said it has been approved, does that mean your proposal was approved? did you have to do an oral presentation on it as well or just a written one? hehe sorry for the silly questions, just really curious :) is it stressful though?

hi hi! i guess this would be confusing if you haven’t been around these parts for a long while! :) i’ll explain - 

  • in fall of 2012 i got accepted to a master’s in communication disorders research - a thesis-based degree 
  • i worked all through 2013 and most of 2014 on this thesis (i also took 12 credits of classes, mostly advanced research seminars and statistics courses)
  • my thesis was on sentence repetition task performance in bilingual toddlers with and without specific language impairment
  • i was looking at how language impairment diagnoses manifest in sentence repetition tasks. we know that children with language impairment fail sentence rep tasks, so my question (very) basically was centered around, does language impairment make you fail at repeating certain things? or all the things? 
  • by things i mean a syntactic analysis of sentences - different kinds of words
  • i completed and submitted my thesis in august of this year, at which point my supervisor and internal examiner had approved it as meeting criteria for a master’s degree
  • it still had to be evaluated by an external examiner - someone who was appointed and who doesn’t know me at all
  • so while my degree was technically completed i had not yet been “officially” granted the title of Master of Science until the external examiner approved and graded it
  • which they did and my scores were unbelievably good i’m still amazed honestly
  • so now that degree is completely tied up with a bow and i am currently doing a clinical master of science in speech-language pathology (by contrast to my research degree, this one is a professional master’s program that licenses me at the end of it to practice as a clinician.)

it was incredibly stressful. research is hard and if you can’t handle self doubt, self motivation, and self reliance all while mostly being alone and working on something so huge that you really can’t explain it to anyone without launching into a 23 minute monologue, i would definitely not recommend it

perks of being an academic: when the work you slave over alone in a lab for months on end finally gets appreciated, you can wear cute clothes and drink craft beer and feel the ever settling feeling that good things happen from good work.

getting a master’s degree calls for a little cabin sock treat yo self

I knew it would pass

I did not expect a score of “Excellent - in the top 10%” in the category of “Grasp of subject, powers of criticism, and general adequacy of review of material”

I am on top of the world right now.

officially a Master.

made a big cup of coffee with my breakfast today and enjoyed it slowly. today is another long day but it’s going to be better than yesterday :) thank you all for the kind words on my grumpy rant yesterday - they made me feel so much better!



handstanding game is strong

(shirt game is a bit weak)

oooh i’m missing montreal on this beautiful fall day.

hi rachael! i saw your post and i really hope your day has gotten so much better! <3 this seems like a perfect time to ask - what do you do to help yourself feel better when you're having an awful day like today?

hi! thank you. it was just a long day and things felt like they were piling up and i got very overwhelmed. 

  • so today as soon as that first class finished i knew i needed to remove myself from the context that was stressing me out and just be by myself. so i grabbed my lunch from the break room and i peaced. i went across the street to a cafe, got a coffee, and put my headphones in (just to avoid conversation if anyone i knew came in) and sat by myself.
  • i reached out immediately. i texted my boyfriend and my best friends and straight up said “i’m about to bawl.” i just needed to vent and be a little ragey/frustrated. and i also reached out here and everyone’s sweet words and good vibes felt like a big collective hug from the universe and i appreciated that so much
  • i talked to my best babes through my lunch hour and it helped to just have people who i know are rooting for me and who can put things in perspective. sometimes you just need to hear “you’ll be okay.”
  • the rest of the day kinda dragged and was long and we walked in the rain to this health professionals presentation thing but by then i had shaken off the morning and come up with a plan of how to tackle things (i.e. by studying for that midterm as i had planned despite the date being changed) 
  • after the presentation ended we got free pizza and there was way extra so i got 2 pieces to eat and then got to take another 2 pieces home for lunch tomorrow
  • sometimes on a shitty day you’ve just gotta take the wins when you can, ya feel? so i was pretty dang pumped about the pizza
  • as soon as i got home i made a sweet treat and curled up in bed with new girl and dim lighting and just took an hour to do nothing
  • then i took a hot shower and now i’m about to start studying and feeling very refreshed

i really doubt this would be helpful or generalizable but takehome message would be: let yourself wallow in grumpiness a bit, accept that bad days happen and call a spade a spade, look for things to be grateful for, and when in doubt turn to the internet for hugz

  • i stayed up late last night finishing a paper and then couldn’t fall asleep until close to 2
  • had to wake up at 7:30 for two back to back 3 hour classes
  • didn’t have time to make coffee
  • in my first class the professor (who is awful, like a really terrible teacher) told us we could vote to change the midterm scheduled for next week
  • so now, instead of the 40% midterm preceding two much smaller/easier tests next week, it is following a 50% neuro midterm the week after
  • i’m scheduled to work on thanksgiving sunday, this weekend
  • my mom is very unhappy about this because everyone is coming to dinner on sunday and now i won’t be there
  • i am getting intensely overwhelmed
  • i am in a cafe having my coffee and trying to not be on the verge of tears (it’s not working well i still am)
  • i have another 3 hour class followed by a mandatory health professionals meeting until 6:30 so it’s a long (fucking) day
  • this is a really negative rant but you know what, that’s life
  • thankful for my boyfriend and friends who text back immediately for consolation because they’re keepin me together today.


while running home tonight i got passed at a 7:40/mi pace by a man wearing a waterbottle on his back and full-out juggling flawlessly

are there some sort of extreme circus distance races i am unaware of

because i want in

(edited to add: apparently he is well known around here and my friend has dubbed him The Joggler. i die.)

reblogging to add that evidently yes, there IS some sort of extreme circus distance races i am unaware of, it’s actually called Joggling and it has a world championship.

i shake my head in disbelief, astonishment, and admiration. 

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while running home tonight i got passed at a 7:40/mi pace by a man wearing a waterbottle on his back and full-out juggling flawlessly

are there some sort of extreme circus distance races i am unaware of

because i want in

(edited to add: apparently he is well known around here and my friend has dubbed him The Joggler. i die.)

the headline should not be

Jennifer Lawrence Calls Photo Hacking “A Sex Crime”

the headline should be

Jennifer Lawrence Speaks Out After Being Victim of A Sex Crime

it is not a “photo hacking”. it is not a “nude leak”. it is not a “stolen nudes incident”. it is a sex crime. take it out of quotations and call a spade a spade.