R a c h a e l D e e

my name is rachael.
i've always been better moving
than i am standing still.

It took me a long time to realize this:
We get to choose what defines us.
Sarah Addison Allen

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grad school tips? especially for someone in a completely new city, living alone?

sorry but i have absolutely no idea how to answer a question this broad. like, study? write your thesis if you’re required to? self-motivate? i dunno i’m not trying to be snarky but i am drawing a complete blank on what kind of insight you’re wanting from me here so if you could ask something even remotely more specific that would be helpful. 

if you’re in a new city, explore. let yourself be a tourist. people-watch. try all the fro-yo places. go nuts? 

so i switched my URL back because i’m indecisive and fickle like that

i guess anons can freak out at me again now?

What are your top 5 goals at the moment?


  • get at least a 3.7 GPA (A-) this semester
  • run at least 4 times per week
  • maintain my close friendships that are long distance
  • make new friends here in halifax
  • take really good care of myself, especially once the semester gets going and it gets super busy.
where is your beautiful blue dress from? thanks!

it’s from the gap! 

Since your hair is so long and curly, what do you do with it when you get out of the shower? Do you wrap it in a towel and then brush it out? Or do you just put it up or braid it right away?

when i get out of the shower i towel it dry and put it up in a topknot, and i leave it there until the bulk of the water is out of it (so it’s not dripping). then i usually braid it and sleep on it braided without tying it off! 

waking up slowly and cozily on a rainy Sunday morning :)

I made that quinoa dish you posted and it was divine! My mom these days has been feeling really down and she doesn't eat anything and when she saw the quinoa dish she ended up eating 3 bowls. :D Thank you so much!

YAY ahh this made me so happy! so glad you both liked it!!

you should do a what's in my bag post but with your backpack! :) it'd be cool to see what you take with you for school days

i can definitely do that! maybe on my lunch break on wednesday :)

This might be a weird question... But where is your rucksack from? The orange one with triangles? It is really nice!

i love that you call it a rucksack! it’s from Hershel Supply :) 

they said it was a brewery tour but they didn’t give us one so I snuck into a vat room because I’m a beer-induced hooligan.

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recipe time!

this is a super easy bean-quinoa veggie stew that i like to throw together. you can honestly play around with it - i generally just eyeball it or add different spices depending on how i feel. i wanted it to have a more ~mexican~ vibe this time so that’s what this recipe is for!

  • 1 cup uncooked plain quinoa
  • 1 can pinto beans (or any beans you like/prefer)
  • 1 cup corn (you could use frozen or a can)
  • 2-3 diced whole tomatoes (you could also use a can here!)
  • any other veggies you want - i added zuchinni and red onion
  • paprika
  • onion flakes
  • chili flakes
  • fresh cilantro 
  • squeeze of lemon juice
  • 2 cups of water

i put everything in my slow cooker on high for 2.5 hours, and i eyeball the spices. to serve i top it with more fresh cilantro, a little lemon juice, and tabasco sauce.

this recipe makes 3 large tupperware containers full, pictured above, plus the large bowl i had for dinner - aka lunch all week :)


this is from a fruit winery. like, this is wine from only peaches. heaven is a place on earth.

I moved away from home and to a brand new city a couple days ago. I'm across the country, I miss my family like crazy, and I want to go back home so bad. Do you have any advice on how to adjust and deal with being ridiculously homesick - so far I've been crying on the phone to my parents a lot.

oh no! i definitely know those feels, i’m sorry you’re feeling overwhelmed. try and just take it easy - go to a really cute cafe and get a delicious drink and just sit and people watch - it’s a really simple way to smile at a new city. if you have friends in the city you could get together and make dinner, or have an afternoon spent in a park or just relaxing. try to take your mind off of being homesick, even if it’s just by taking an evening to pamper yourself with a face mask + tea + netflix! 

Don't worry about the vegan overload, I really admire your relationship with food and how it doesn't need to be defined, and I'm sure tons of people are inspired by it too. (:

thank you! i deleted all the anons that were causing controversy, simply because the anon was messaging others who were commenting on the post and sending them hate as well, and that to me is crossing a line. if you have a problem with me, so be it, but if you’re messaging me in a medium that i cannot respond to without publishing on my blog, you can’t harass others who react to it.

also some food for thought: preaching animal kindness while being a shitty person to other humans on the internet is about as hypocritical as it comes. 

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ate lunch on a wharf two minutes walk from my building with a casual lighthouse/sailboat/harbour view. you’re pretty cool, Halifax.