R a c h a e l D e e

my name is rachael.
i've always been better moving
than i am standing still.

It took me a long time to realize this:
We get to choose what defines us.
Sarah Addison Allen

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#aprilintentions day 9

funky pincha hosted by Rae! 

you may be thinking, why is there a picture of standing mermaid up there, rach? that’s completely unrelated to funky pincha. well, i’d never tried funky pincha and this morning i worked for 30 minutes trying to get it. i fell over twice, once straight into the door. i was super sweaty and super frustrated because i could not get myself to put weight in the hand on the ground so i was basically trying to do a one-armed forearm stand. by the time i gave up i was feeling quite useless and entirely discouraged. my thoughts to myself were “i thought you were supposed to be good at inversions?” “where’s that upper body strength now?” “is this really harder than a handstand?”

so i did a pose that makes me feel strong and beautiful. i took a picture and admired my muscles and my balance and my strength and let go of all the frustrations and negativity from funky pincha. if you encounter something that makes you feel weak or incapable, the best remedy i’ve found is to do something that reminds you of your immense ability. remember that you’re a work in progress and there is already so much that you’re really fantastic at doing. i hope everyone else who may struggle with this difficult pose today remembers something they’re amazing at doing (whether that’s another yoga pose or being kind or being smart or just being awesome in general) and doesn’t get discouraged, because i know how easy it is to feel that way. 

today’s intention is self-love. admire and appreciate yourself for what you can do and also what you’re trying to do. you deserve it. 

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