R a c h a e l D e e

my name is rachael.
i've always been better moving
than i am standing still.

It took me a long time to realize this:
We get to choose what defines us.
Sarah Addison Allen

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#aprilintentions day 11

wide legged handstand

(if handstands aren’t a part of your regular practice, feel free to make this a headstand! that’s where i started with this! for a headstand variation, try starting in wide-legged forward fold and putting your head on the ground, and then gently lift both legs up from their position. hold and then gently lower back down.)

this handstand variation can seem scary at first, but i promise it’s not as scary as you think! having your legs wide in handstand lowers your center of gravity and can make balancing easier. 

i do not yet possess the strength to press up into this pose from wide legged forward fold, but if you do, you rock and you should do that! if you’re like me, though, i tend to start in downward-facing dog. i usually kick up and into the wide-legged position (if i have enough space), but it’s also just as good to come into a regular handstand position and then lower your legs to wherever is comfortable for you. when i practice with a wall in this pose, i position very close to it with my fingertips about 3 or 4 inches away. this way when i lower my legs into the position i don’t have to arch my back very much to get balance support.

remember to have control in your legs and don’t just let them flop open. focusing your energy through all your muscles can also help your balance! and keep your core engaged (as with any handstand). 

(sorry for the cut-off feet in this photo - if you can’t tell space is a bit of an issue with me and my little apartment! i’m hoping to get a better photo late this afternoon when i go for my run but wanted to get this post up in the morning! in the meantime there’s also a better photo here! 

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